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Farm in a Box Local

Bringing the farm to you

Farm in a Box Local is prepared by your local Country Trust Coordinator and delivered for you to run in your setting. It is a Box packed full of versatile, personalised farm-centred activities so children can connect with and learn about a farm in their local area.

Farm in a Box Local is ideal for schools and groups who are...

  • currently unable to attend a Farm Discovery visit
  • keen to introduce some pre-learning around food and farming, why farming matters, or key learning objectives, ahead of their Farm Discovery visit
  • working with EYFS children or additional needs such as SEND who would benefit from in-school sensory learning experiences.

Farm in a Box Local Overview

✔ Key-Stage / Curriculum-linked: Farm in a Box resources are designed by trained teachers and educators with years of educational experience.

✔ Easy to Use: designed to support teaching staff with ready-to-go, out-of-the-box activities.

✔ Making connections with the wider world: Farm in a Box Local builds connections between schools & groups and their local farms. Your Country Trust Coordinator will work with you and the farmer to create a bespoke Box full of sensory, hands-on activities and experiences. Children may also get to meet the farmer via a video tour of the farm or link up via a video call which is a great opportunity to ask the farmer any burning questions! 

✔ Topic-linked: Boxes are themed according to the farms available for visits in your local area. Example Boxes include; Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds We Eat, Dairy, Beef and Sheep. There is also the Explorer Box designed specifically for EYFS or SEND groups.

✔ Free: For eligible schools and groups. Please check your eligibility by clicking the link below.


The Country Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting the most persistently ;disadvantaged children. Schools and groups that meet our eligibility below, qualify for our support.

1. School is above 25.5% Free School Meals (EVER6)

Click here to check your schools current EVER6 percentage

2. Schools which don't meet the EVER6 criteria but are one of the following.

3. Non-school groups supporting:

Children with a Farm in a Box Children with a Farm in a Box

“Children have loved exploring their Farm in a Box, thank you for organising, it's been the next best thing to visiting you!” Estelle Ranshaw, Sir Francis Hill Primary School